Paperback Book, ISBN 978-0-9884507-0-7
Hardback Book, ISBN 978-0-9884507-1-4
About Theft by Court:

Esther M. Lofton was presented documents proving that institutions of the American people evinced a
design, with impunity, to reduce an inner-city youth legally, financially and politically.  It would be
unconscionable for her not to make this known to the American people for this is not an isolated instance
of official wrongdoing.   
Inner city residents, including herself, lack the representation that  protects them
from  capricious and arbitrary acts, especially from government.   
Graduation from High School was a feat achieved by Carl that many inner-city youths can only imagine. At his
graduation party Carl received a Nissan/Sentra from his Dad, the neatest gift ever.  It is ironic that a gift offering
untold pleasures can provide Carl a crash-course in how miserable life can become when his path crosses that of a
few misguided officials after a minor fender bender.
For the first time since the Emancipation Proclamation, publication by a black of the book titled Theft by Court
holds other Americans accountable to the rule of law where an inner city youth has been violated.
It is shameful that far too many elected officials, especially those who hold office in black America-the freest nation
on earth,  place very little or no significance in the Constitution and laws when citizens over whom they exercise
jurisdiction are violated
.  The greatest deterrent to the malaise that exists in the inner-city (code word for black) is
respect for, execution and enforcement of the Constitution and its laws.
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